African DVB-T2 box

Zenterio and Vestel have teamed up to deliver DVB-T2 set-top boxes on a commercial basis in Uganda and Rwanda.


They are working with two local partners – SysComp and TACT – and the first order for the new DVB-T2 compliant box was received in December 2013.


The box will allow viewers to watch dozens of digital, FTA channels for no additional fee.


It supports a high-quality HD picture and has one of the fastest User Interfaces (UIs) based on the Zentario Operating System (OS).


The four parties will analyse customer expectations and offer future services if they deem the market demands.


These will include DVB-T2 hybrid, with additional interactive services such as VOD or catch-up TV.


There are more than 23 countries in the world currently using DVB-T2.


Most countries in Africa will undertake ASO by June 2015 and DVB-T2 will be instrumental in the transition. Commenting on the DVB-T2 set-top box, Jan Macku, business development director, Zenterio, said:


“The race is on to deliver what Zenterio believes is the next step in the distribution of television in Africa – Digital Terrestrial TV. Africa is a key region for DTTV and the transition from analog to digital will happen very quickly.


“We continue to look to the future in these markets and will also provide a Conditional Access System (CAS) cardless solution for encrypted channels on the current deployed boxes. This new solution will bring significant savings for TV broadcasters and customers compared to the traditional way of providing CAS.”


Hakan Kutlu, deputy general manager, Vestel Trade, added: “Africa is an important market for Vestel and we are happy to begin set-top box sales into this market.


“We are aiming to expand DVB-T2 STB sales into other African countries in the coming years.”



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