I.         Product introduction

Digital DAB+ Audio is a revolutionary replacement of CD changer. It deliver CD quality sound directly into car stereo system via CD changer port, It can be easy to install and use.

Digital DAB+ Audio supports direct control from car stereo panel and multi-function steering. With build-in extension USB female port cable, can read USB stick, SD/SDHC/MMC card via our special SD card reader. It can read MP3/WMA music format. Combing Build-in AUX cable, can access to more audio sources, such as MP3/PSP/Mobile etc. Digital DAB+ Audio supports DAB+ Digital FM receive function, if your car without DAB+ function, you can immediately get it by using this product.

II.       Main Features

1.        Direct Connection via CD changer Port with CD quality sound.

2.        Control music files from your car radio panel or steering wheel.

3.        High quality DAB+ audio input, display the messages of program on build-in LED screen.

4.        Support USB Flash, SD Card and 3.5mm jack input.

5.        Building in high quality MP3/WMA decoder.

6.        No signal interfere, No battery required.

7.        Smart design and Easy to install and use.

III.      Package

a.        Digital DAB+ Audio

b.        Dual SD/micro-SD card reader

c.        User manual

IV.      Installation Diagram


A.       Power request: D/V 12V

B.       The vehicle radios must be equipped with CD changer port.


V.       Installation Guide


A.       Before installation, please carefully read the user manual. To guarantee users’ interests, it suggested that the adapter should be installed by professional staff.

B.       Some vehicles require the special tools to removal tools, you can order from us or consult car audio professionally.

1.        Turn off car engine and remove key from ignition (if your radio use a security code, make sure that you have the code before unplugging the radio.)

2.        Unmount the radio from the dash and find CD changer port at the back of radio.

3.        Plug the Digital DAB+ Audio connector into CD changer port firmly.(For Audi/V.W/Skoda/Seat radio, connect the GND cable to the shield of the radio.)

4.        Insert USB stick or SD card/ T/F card into USB port. Once the unit is installed just power on the car radio, you can Press CD button then to check symbol of LED light being on. Meanwhile CDC,EX or CD01 will display on the radio screen(Depends on radio type). Now it will work normally.

5.        After successfully test, re-assemble the radio, and lead USB and aux cable to proper place.

Important Note:

1.        If there is follows cable on the harness:

A.       Black----attach it to any metal part of the radio body

B.       Yellow---attach it to the power of the car

C.       Red ACC----attach it to ACC signal of the car

2.        If the radio with existing CD changer, there is need Y-adapter Cable.

3.        For Audi factory radio of Mini ISO 8P, it is CDC connector is 20P block connector, in order to install Digital DAB+ Audio, it requires to connect our 20p adapter cable



VI.      Function and Usage Preparation

A.       Application Car makes

Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat, BMW, Volvo, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Acura, Renault, Hyundai, Kia, Ford, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, Suzuki, Honda, Citroen, Peugeot, etc.

After market brand: Clarion, Blaupunkt, Pioner, Alpine, JVC, Pioneer etc.

B.       Application of storage Device

This USB port can read USB 2.0 device, such as USB stick, SD card, SDHC, MMC. TF card up to 16GB.

C.        Music Format

MP3 & WMA music format

D.       Support Quantity

Digital DAB+ Audio can support 99 folders, every folder can save 99 les. Bu most OEM can only support 6-9 folders.

E.        Music File Setting



Digital DAB+ Audio support multi folder playback, the music file on root directory will display CD01 on radio screen, the music file on sub-directory will display CD02, CD03-CD98. The order is according to the time that you save on SD card or USB stick. The folder name can be English letter or Arabic Numerals.

F.        Last Position Memory

Digital DAB+ Audio support memory playback, once you power off the engine, or you select another type of playback of CD or AM/FM, it will memorize the disk/track No. to MCU, when you return the playback status of Digital DAB+ Audio, it will continue playing from MCU memorized point. For aux-in can’t support this function.

G.        DAB+ Use


1.        The middle button, short press to SELECT (OK) function, long press for shutdown function, and long press for boot up function on off state.

2.      CH+, CH- button: for switching the program. Once currently in the menu state, they are for the up and down movement of the menu item.

3.      MENU button: for bringing up the MENU. Short press to return on upper layer of MENU at the state of menu.

4.      FAV button:

Short press: for Call Favorite Program function, bringing up the list, CH+/- button for moving to choose the program, short press SELECT button then the current play program switch to the call up program.

Long press: for Save Favorite Program function. At radio listening state, long press FAV button to bring up Fav program list, choose a number from 1-10, then short press SELECT button to save the current program.

5.      Remote Control Use




Long Press


Power ON/OFF

Power ON/OFF



Sound ON/OFF

Turn on/off

audio output



Menu List

Bring Up The Menu



Last Program

1Choose the last program while playing.
Move up on menu



Turn Back

Layer up the menu



Volume -

Volume down




Confirm your choose



Volume +

Volume up



Next Program

1 Choose the next program while playing.

2Move down on Menu



Favorite program

Bring up the favorite program, Play by OK button



Scan Program

Scan Program Quickly.Stop by BACK Button




Display the information of the current program








VII.    Troubleshooting

USB AUX adapter does not work after installation.

A.       Please check before installation, whether you have turned off engine and radio.

B.       Please check the wire harness is correctly connected.

C.       If there is GND wire, please check whether it connects well with metal part of radio.

Aux-In only play one side stereo.

Please check the aux jack if clear, and plug properly.

Car Radio do not display CD01 in your screen

  Please check your folder setting: Whether you have set a root directly.(Refer fold setting)

My car has a CD changer already and I want to install Digital DAB+ Audio, what can I do?

  We have Y-adapter Cable for you to solve the problem. It can parallel connection to Digital DAB+ Audio and CD changer



VIII.  Specification:

Voltage Input: 12V DC

Signal-to-Noise: 90dB

Max. Current: 200mA

Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.01%

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz

Working Temperature: -30C~80C

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