Polish DVB-T increase

TVP covers 99.5% with DVB-T

Polish TV (TVP) has increased its digital coverage to 99.5 percent population, compared to its earlier analogue coverage of 98.7 percent, reports Media2.pl, citing the Ministry of Administration and Digitalisation. Before digitalisation, TVP 1 reached 98.7 percent and regional TV 71 percent. Public TV channels TVP1 HD, TVP2 HD, TVP Info, TVP Kultura, TVP Polonia, TVP Historia, TVP Rozrywka broadcast within the third multiplex MUX-3) currently reach up to 99.5 percent. Regional channels covered at least 98 percent of the population at 25 April. Four commercial programmes (Polsat, TVN, TV Puls, TV 4) earlier reached 25-86 percent. Now, within the second multiplex MUX-2, they reach 98.5 percent. The second multiplex also includes an additional offer with about the same range: TVN7, Puls 2, TV6 and Polsat Sport News. As a result of DVB-T implementation, there are now channels which were not available before in terrestrial within the first multiplex (MUX-1), such as Eska TV, TTV, Polo TV, ATM Rozrywka, TV Trwam, TVP ABC, Stopklatka TV and Fokus TV. These now cover 98.6 percent of the population.


Polish DVB-T
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