Polish TV most in HD

Polish TV to broadcast main channels only in HD

According to TVP CEO Juliusz Braun, Polish TV's main channels TVP1 and TVP2 will be available only in HD from 15 March, and not in SD any longer, reports Media2.pl. The channels TVP1 HD and TVP2 HD will be available exclusively in the third DVB-T multiplex. Another change in the programme offer was announced for 15 February, when TP releases part of the first multiplex for new channels that won the tender by the Broadcasting Council (KRRiT). The TVP channels will be available mainly on the third multiplex, except for the new children's channel TVP ABC, which will be part of the first multiplex.

From 15 February, TVP Info in the first multiplex will be replaced with the new channel TV Trwam. The composition of the first, second and third DVB-T multiplexes from 15 February will be as follows: MUX1 - TTV, Polo TV, Eska TV, ATM Rozrywka, TV Trwam, TVP ABC, Focus TV (TVP1 SD until 14 March), Stopklatka TV (TVP2 SD until 14 March ); MUX2 - Polsat, Polsat Sport News, TVN, TVN7, TV Puls, TV Puls 2, TV4, TV6; MUX3 - TVP1 HD, TVP2 HD, TVP Info, TVP Regionalna, TVP Kultura, TVP Rozrywka, TVP Historia, TVP Polonia.

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