Vietnam DVB-T2 Antenna

Vietnam DVB-T2 Antenna

VietNamNet Bridge – The implementation of the national TV digitalization program has encountered a problem as the TV antennas available on the market do not meet technical standards, making it impossible to receive terrestrial digital broadcasting.

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In order to be able to receive terrestrial digital TV signals, antennas must have a gain at 11bBi, the height of 10 meters and have an outdoor signal receiving mode.

The Department of Radio Frequency, when measuring the field strength in a survey on  broadcasting quality in Da Nang City and Quang Nam province in the central region recently, discovered that the antennas’ quality was not good enough to receive terrestrial digital TV waves.

The department then conducted an examination on six antenna models available in the market and surprisingly found that all six models could not meet the standards on antenna gain at frequency bands 470-698MHz and 698-806MHz.

Vietnam DVB-T2

The highest antenna gain was 5dBi, which was much lower than the required 11 dBi level, while others had a gain of zero.

“The antennas with too low gains will not allow terrestrial digital television signals indoors. This is the reason why many households in Da Nang City cannot watch TV though they live in the center of the city,” said Doan Quang Hoan, director of the MIC’s Department of Radio Frequency.

“Flickering TV images are usually attributed to TV sets and set top boxes. However, in this case, it is due to the low antenna quality,” Hoan said.

Also according to Hoan, the existence of numerous antenna models in the market has confused consumers. There are products made by prestigious manufacturers which have up to 40 aerial wires. However, the products are useless.

“This is a worrying problem because people do not know what antennas they should buy,” Hoan said.

Analysts noted that set top box and antenna manufacturers and distributors need to give specific guidance on how to install antennas to receive TV signals. If not, the call center will receive calls complaining about broadcasting quality.

A question has been raised: would it be better for DVB-T2 set top box suppliers to sell antennas with the set top boxes, which would help consumers avoid low-quality antennas?

Tran Nam Trung, director of VTVBroadcom, said it is within the reach for manufacturers to supply both indoors antennas and DVB-T2 set top boxes.

However, the selling price of the products will be VND1 million, while people will have to pay VND700,000 only if they just need a set top box.

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